All issue has been resolved now

Dear Client,

For the last two days many of you are facing some problem with our server. Now all issue has been resolved. Hope you will not face any issue in the future. Thanks for being staying with us.

23rd Jan 2018
Some technical difficulties occured on our data center

Dear Clients,We recently faced technical difficulties in our data center, which our systems unfortunately could not resolve independently. Since our monitoring systems alerted us, our technical department started investigating and rectifying the situation immediately. Meanwhile, the issue has been solved and all systems have been brought back ... Read More »

22nd Jan 2018
Our New Server Hostname has been changed & White-labeled for Reseller

Dear Client,We have changed our server therefore our server IP address & Hostname has been changed. We also have whitelabeled our server Hostname for Our Reseller.Our New server IP address is and New Hostname is rajsrv3.mydedicated.hostYou can login to your cPanel or WHM with our ssl enabled hostname by typing the following ... Read More »

8th Dec 2017
IP Unblock feature added to clientarea

Dear Client,

We have added IP Address Unblock feature to our clientarea. Now you can unblock your ip address if it get blocked due to failed login attemps for several times.


7th Dec 2017
We have upgraded our server successfully

Dear Client,

We have upgraded our server successfully. Now you will enjoy more performance and speed than before.

If you face any issue please don't hesitate to contact us.


7th Dec 2017
Successfully upgraded to high performance Nginx Server

Hello there,

We are very happy to announce that We have successfully upgraded our server from Apache to Nginx Server which is a very powerful server software.

Now your website will be load much faster than before. Enjoy Blazzing fast website loading speed & a great performance boost with Nginx.

Best Regard,

Raj Web Host.

12th Oct 2017
Migration Process of the New Server has been completed successfully


We have successfully migrated to our New Powerful Server with 100% Pure SSD Disk, 

More CPU Core and More RAM Which is up to 7x Faster than the previous one.

So, Hope you will get the top speed and top quality service from us.


Stay With Us.

Raj Web Host Ltd.

4th Aug 2017
Raj Web Host is now fully automated

Welcome to Raj Web Host,

We have upgraded our new server and added automatic billing software to do every task  easy.

So hope you will get very satisfactory service from us.

And I request all of you to stay with us.


1st Dec 2016
Welcome to Raj Web Host Ltd!

Started Our Journey with Raj Web Host.

Thanks to all.

17th Jul 2016